Discipleschip Bible School

Discipleship Bible School


Be transformed by the Bible’s powerful story of Gods journey with humanity

What is Discipleship Bible School

Many of those who attend Bible colleges learn methods of studying scripture, but aren’t guided in putting those techniques to use on the text. The Discipleship Bible School provides an opportunity for students to read through God’s word and practice techniques for understanding it based on its original context. Students who complete the course will learn to view the books of the Bible as part of a unified story and discover their place in that story. Most importantly, they will recognize the unchanging character of God throughout history.


Join us as we learn the story of the Bible, and our place in God’s story!

Understand and explain the overall story of the Bible: How God’s relationship with Israel and Jesus was His plan to reach and restore the world by His redemptive nature. Discover the world of the Bible, bringing God’s word to life by understanding its historical background and how it’s written. Grow in confidence by finding and applying biblical truths to your life. Learn how to share and teach those truths in creative and authoritative ways that transform the hearts, and eventually the culture, of the people groups around the world.

Read the whole Bible
Week in Rome connecting with the early church
Learn to teach the Bible
Find your place in the Bible story
Study in community


ARRIVAL DAY: September 12, 2024
DEPARTURE DAY: December 06, 2024


LECTURE : 3,600 €


Go to Rome

Together we will spend a week exploring the ancient city of Rome and walk where the disciples walked as they pioneered the early church!

Be transformed by the Bible's powerful story of God's journey with humanity.

University of the Nations

course credit

Discipleship Bible School (DBS) – In this course students are equipped with tools for continual development of personal Bible study. Throughout the course students will grow in their understanding of the nature and character of God, how to live in and contribute to community, the importance of covenants, how to communicate God’s redemptive plan, how to use the Word in a ministry context, and discovering the “big picture” of Bible (overview).


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