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Chris and Christina Tempero serve as campus directors at YWAM Pisa. Their missions journey began in the mid-2000s. Originally, they both joined YWAM as singles, deeply committed to their faith in Jesus. God brought them together on the island of Guam in the South Pacific, leading to their marriage in 2008. Since then, their missions work has taken them to various parts of the world, where they’ve been actively involved in outreaches and mission initiatives. After 15 years of dedicated service, they received formal church ordination from their sending church in Colorado.

In 2015, during a family vacation in Italy, the Lord spoke to Chris: “What if someone started a YWAM base here?” From that question, a dream was born – to invite nations to Italy for spiritual growth, inspire local Italians, and collectively share the gospel with the world. Over the next seven years, they followed this vision, assembling a dedicated team, receiving training, and establishing a strong foundation through prayer and perseverance.

In June 2022, the first wave of young missionaries arrived in Tuscany to put this dream into action. Today, they continue to thrive, witnessing God’s plan for His kingdom unfolding right here in Italy.

Chris and Christina are deeply passionate about helping individuals lead lives fully devoted to Jesus. Their mission is to equip believers with the tools and skills necessary to live out their faith, regardless of whether they’ve known Jesus for a few minutes or several decades. Ultimately, their focus is on nurturing intimate relationships with God, recognizing that this is what truly matters.