Bible Core Course

a chronological study of the story of God
About the course

Be transformed by the Bible's powerful story of God's journey with humanity
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April 20, 2023


Arrival Day
July 25, 2024
Departure Day
October 18, 2024


Training Phase
Outreach Phase


Sarah Langkamp
what happens in this course?

We Teach You To Use The Inductive Method To Study The Bible. Exploring Who Are The Authors, Cultures, Original Readers, and Timeless Truths Of The Bible.
Training phase (3 months)

Ready, Study, Teach
The Bible was written for you, but... not to you. So, how do you apply it to your life today? The BCC gives you the tools to answer this question. You will learn and use the 3 steps to the Inductive Bible Study Method: observation, interpretation, and application. This intensive approach places a high emphasis on the literary and historical contexts of the people and stories of the Bible. It's only when you understand what it meant for them that you can really understand what it means for you and the world around you. Learn the Story so you can share the Story.

study different forms of biblical literature

Read the whole Bible in 3 months

Detailed Study of 12 books

learn To Teach the word

Get equipped to equip others

What makes us unique?

Big Picture

Understand and explain the overall story of the Bible; how God’s relationship with Israel and Jesus was His plan to reach and restore the world.


Discover the most authoritative interpretation of any portion of the Bible, in its literary and historical context, and to be confident that we are obtaining and applying biblical truths to our lives.


Learn how to share and teach those principles and truths in creative and authoritative ways that transform the hearts, and eventually the culture, of the people groups around the world.

University of the Nations credit

BCC is a core curriculum course in the College of Christian Ministries and required for any Associates Degree, as well as any Bachelor’s Degree in the University of the Nations.